Would and Should

1. Introducing “Would” and “Should”

Imagine having a compass that guides you in making decisions. “Would” and “Should” are like your compass words—they help you express preferences and give advice.

2. Using “Would” and “Should”

  • “Would” for Preferences:

When you want to talk about what you want or prefer, use “would.”


– I would love to travel to space.

– She would like some ice cream.

  • “Should” for Advice:

When you want to give advice or suggestions, use “should.”


– You should study for the test.

– They should wear sunscreen at the beach.

3. Using “Would” and “Should” Together

Imagine using your compass words to offer advice and express preferences:


– He would like to join the art club. (Preference)

– You should try the new restaurant downtown. (Advice)

4. Practice Time

Practice using your compass words in sentences. 

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