Rules and regulations of Tibisay Tutoring

It is important to give the student the opportunity to learn through tutoring practically. I have some guidelines to ensure that the process runs smoothly so that the student can get the most out of the lessons. These are the rules of Tibisay Tutoring.

If the student is late:

  1. If the student is going to be late, please contact me as soon as possible.
  1. I schedule classes with a few minutes to log out of a session and log in to the next class. As a result, the lesson cannot be continued after the agreed time. For example, if a 1-hour tutoring session starts at 3:00 PM and the student is 15 minutes late, the tutoring will end at 4:00 PM.

If the student is absent:

  1. If the student is unable to attend the tutoring without contacting me 1 hour in advance, I am not obligated to reschedule the lesson or to offer a refund.

If the student does not pay:

  1. Tuition must be paid 6 hours before the session starts. If payment is not received, the session cannot take place.


  1. I offer the possibility to reschedule a session. There is also the option of simply continuing the lessons the next hour the student has class.

If the tutor is absent:

  1. In the event that the tutor is late or absent, he/she will reschedule the tutoring session at a later date in consultation with the student.
  1. If the lesson cannot be given due to other circumstances that fall under the responsibility of the tutor (e.g. technical problems, power failure, etc.), he/she will also have to ensure that the lesson can be done again uninterrupted and in its entirety.


8. If you take on tutoring at Tibisay Tutoring, it means that you agree to these rules. If you don’t, you cannot get classes at Tibisay Tutoring.

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