Elementary First Grade

Elementary First-Grade Handwriting Practice


Here’s a list of 50 words suitable for teaching elementary first-grade kids.


Cat, Dog, Ball, Book, Tree, Sun, Moon, Bird, Flower, House, Car, Apple, Banana, Fish, Rabbit, Chair, Table, Bed, Clock, Star, Shoe, Hat, Bear, Horse, Elephant.


Big, Small, Happy, Sad, Fast, Slow, Bright, Dark, Tall, Short, Funny, Serious, Hot, Cold, Wet, Dry, Soft, Hard, Loud Quiet, Heavy, Light, Green, Red, Blue

Remember to introduce these words in context, engage in activities, and encourage children to use them in conversations and writing to reinforce their understanding and retention.

Vocabulary worksheets First-Grade

Elementary First-Grade Handwriting Practice

Colouring worksheets

Colouring worksheets are beneficial for elementary school kids as they promote creativity, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. They also enhance cognitive development, improve focus, and aid in learning essential concepts. Additionally, colouring activities foster self-expression and provide an enjoyable way to reinforce educational content.

Sea Animals Colouring Worksheets

Farm Animals Colouring and Tracing Worksheets

Australian Animals Colouring Worksheets

Continents Colouring Worksheets

Vegetables Colouring and Tracing Worksheets

Vocabulary worksheets Second-Grade

Elementary Second Grade

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