Can and Could

On this page, you’ll discover how these words open doors to possibilities and abilities. Think of them as keys that unlock your potential. By the end of this chapter, you’ll be a master of using “Can” and “Could” to express what you’re capable of.

1. Introducing “Can” and “Could”

Can” and “Could” show what you’re able to do or could do in different situations.

2. Positive Sentences

When you want to express that you’re able to do something, use “can” or “could.”


I can swim in the pool.

She could ride a bike when she was younger.

3. Negative Sentences

For negatives, add “not” after “can” or “could.”


They cannot play today. (or They can’t play today.)

He could not finish the puzzle. (or He couldn’t finish the puzzle.)

4. Questions

To ask about someone’s ability, start with “can” or “could.”


Can you skate on ice?

Could she sing a song when she was little?

5. The Power of Possibility

Using “Can” and “Could” is like opening doors to opportunities:


We can go to the park tomorrow. (Possibility)

He could climb trees when he was young. (Past possibility)

6. Practice Time

Practice using “can” and “could” words in sentences.

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